Banking and Finance Litigation

The firm acts on behalf of a major international bank and other UK and international financial institutions. We have extensive experience of banking and finance litigation and have conducted countless cases at the highest levels, including appeals in the House of Lords and the Supreme Court.

The firm has over 35 years’ experience in Banking and Finance litigation and is recognised as a leader in the field.  There are few, if any, aspects of Banking and Finance litigation with which we are unfamiliar or of which we do not have experience.

The commercial litigation conducted by the firm is as valuable and as significant as that undertaken by larger commercial firms situated in London and other major cities.

Some of the largest cases in this area conducted by us include:

  • AIB Group (UK) PLC -v- Mark Redler & Co. - (Supreme Court)
  • AIB Group (UK) PLC -v- D. Martin and A.C. Gold - (House of Lords)
  • AIB Finance Limited -v- K. Sparkes - (Court of Appeal)
  • AIB Finance Limited -v- A.J. and A. Alsop - (Court of Appeal)
  • Haydock Finance Limited -v- Louis Transport Equipment Consultants Limited and others - (Court of Appeal)
  • C.M. Davies -v- AIB Group (UK) PLC - (High Court)
  • AIB Group (UK) PLC -v- S.H. and E. Turner - (High Court)

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